Dune Core Modules (2.8.0)

Here is a list of all modules:
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 CommonFoundation classes
 AllocatorsImplementations of the STL allocator concept
 UtilitiesCollection of helper classes, type traits, etc
 NumbersClass implementing different number representations and helper functions
 Debug output
 Dense Matrix and Vector Template LibraryType traits to retrieve the field and the real type of classes
 Exception handling
 Iterator facadesIterator facades for writing stl conformant iterators
 Parallel CommunicationAbstractions for parallel computing
 VectorizationAbstractions for using vectorization libraries
 Iterative Solvers Template Library (ISTL)Iterative Solvers supporting block recursive matrix and vector classes at compile time
 Iterative Solvers
 Communication Interface
 Sparse Matrix and Vector classesMatrix and Vector classes that support a block recursive structure capable of representing the natural structure from Finite Element discretisations
 Geometry Type
 Reference Elements
 Generic Geometry
 Brezzi-Douglas-Fortin-Marini elements
 Brezzi-Douglas-Marini elements
 Dual Mortar basis elements
 Lagrange elements
 Mimetic elements
 Monomial elements
 Orthonormal elements
 Rannacher-Turek elements
 Raviart-Thomas elements
 Whitney elements
 The Grid InterfaceInterfaces needed when working with a Dune::Grid
 Grid ImplementationsA list of the different Implementations of the Dune Grid Interface
 Grid Developer APIInterfaces needed to implement a new Dune::Grid
 dune-grid recipes
 Child Extraction
 FunctionsInterfaces and implementations of functions
 Function conceptsConcept definitions for function interfaces
 Function interface wrappersType-erasure based polymorphic wrappers
 Function implementationsConcrete function implementations
 Function related utilitiesHelper classes and functions related to functions
 Function space basesInterfaces and implementation of global bases for grid function space
 Function space basis conceptsConcept definitions and checks related to global bases
 Function space basis implementationsImplementations of the GlobalBasis concept
 Function space basis utilitiesUtilities for implementing and using global bases
 UtilityVarious helper classes and functions
 Utilities for type-erasureHelper classes for implementing type-erased interfaces
 Parallel Grid Partitions
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