Dune 2.8.0

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Dune 2.8 - Release Notes

Module dune-common

  • Python bindings have been moved from dune-python to the respective core modules. dune-python is now obsolete. To activate Python bindings the CMake flag DUNE_ENABLE_PYTHONBINDINGS needs to be turned on (default is off). Furthermore, flags for either shared library or position independent code need to be used.

  • Remove the cmake check for HAVE_MPROTECT and also do not define this variable in the config.h file. It is defined only inside the header debugallocator.hh.

  • Added Dune::IsCallable (in dune/common/typetraits.hh) which is an improved version of the deprecated Dune::Std::is_callable and allows for checking if a type is a function object type, i.e. has a ()-operator than can be invoked with the given argument types and returns a specified return type.


  • Previous versions of dune-common imported std::shared_ptr and std::make_shared into the Dune namespace. dune-common-2.8 stops doing that.

  • The file function.hh is deprecated. It contained the two base classes Function and VirtualFunction. In downstream codes, these should be replaced by C++ function objects, std::function etc.

  • Python bindings have been moved from the dune-python module which is now obsolete. To activate Python bindings the CMake flag DUNE_ENABLE_PYTHONBINDINGS needs to be turned on (default is off). Furthermore, flags for either shared library or position independent code needs to be used.

  • Support for distributing DUNE modules as python packages has been added. Package meta data is parsed in packagemetadata.py from the dune.module file. A script /bin/dunepackaging.py was added to generate package files (setup.py, pyproject.toml) that can also be used to upload packages to the Python Package Index. For a brief description of what is required to add this support to existing dune modules see https://gitlab.dune-project.org/core/dune-common/-/merge_requests/900 Note that this can also be used to generate a package for dune modules that don’t provide Python bindings.

  • Eigenvectors of symmetric 2x2 FieldMatrixes are now computed correctly even when they have zero eigenvalues.

  • Eigenvectors and values are now also supported for matrices and vectors with field_type being float.

  • The ParameterTreeParser::readINITree can now directly construct and return a parameter tree by using the new overload without parameter tree argument.

  • MPIHelper::instance can now be called without parameters if it was already initialized.

  • MPITraits now support complex.

  • There is now a matrix wrapper transpose(M) that represents the transpose of a matrix.


  • Set minimal required CMake version in cmake to >= 3.13.

  • Set minimal required MPI version to >= 3.0.

  • Add backport of FindPkgConfig.cmake from cmake 3.19.4 since there was a bug in an older find module leading to problems finding tbb in debian:10.

  • Update the FindTBB cmake module to search for the TBBConfig.cmake or the tbb.pc file containing the configuration. Add the AddTBBFlags.cmake file containing the macro add_dune_tbb_flags that must be called to use TBB.

  • The name mangling for Fortran libraries like BLAS and LAPACK is now done without a Fortran compiler. So a Fortran compiler is no longer a built requirement.

  • dune_list_filter is deprecated and will be removed after Dune 2.8. Use list(FILTER ...) introduced by CMake 3.6 instead.

  • Remove the CMake options DUNE_BUILD_BOTH_LIBS and DUNE_USE_ONLY_STATIC_LIBS. Use the default CMake way instead by setting BUILD_SHARED_LIBS accordingly. Building both static and shared libraries is no longer supported.

  • Remove the CMake function deprecated inkscape_generate_png_from_svg.

  • Remove the old and deprecated use of UseLATEX.cmake. dune_add_latex_document is a redirection to add_latex_document which internally uses latexmk.

  • Many of the CMake find modules habe been rewritten to use CMake’s imported targets. These targets are also used in the DUNE CMake package configuration files, where they might appear in e.g. the dune-module_LIBRARIES. If you do not use the DUNE CMake build system the linker might complain about e.g. METIS::METIS not being found. In that case your either need to use the CMake modules shipped with DUNE or create these targets manually.

Deprecations and removals

  • Remove deprecated type-traits has_nan, is_indexable, and is_range, use the CamelCase versions instead.

  • Deprecate fallback implementations Dune::Std::apply, Dune::Std::bool_constant, and Dune::Std::make_array in favor of std c++ implementations.

  • Deprecate type traits Dune::Std::to_false_type, Dune::Std::to_true_type. Dune::AlwaysFalse and Dune::AlwaysTrue (from header dune/common/typetraits.hh) now inherit from std::true_type and std::false_type and are therefore exact replacements for these two type traits.

  • Deprecate fallback implementation Dune::Std::conjunction, Dune::Std::disjunction, and Dune::Std::negation. Use std c++17 implementations.

  • Deprecate fallback implementations Dune::Std::is_callable and Dune::Std::is_invocable. Use C++17 std implementation std::is_invocable instead. Be aware that Dune::Std::is_callable and std::is_invocable are slightly different concepts, since std::is_invocable also covers invocation of pointers to member functions and pointers to data members. To additionally constrain for that case, there is now Dune::IsCallable (in dune/common/typetraits.hh)

  • ToUniquePtr is deprecated and will be removed after Dune 2.8. Use std::unique_ptr or std::shared_ptr instead.

  • Remove deprecated header dune/common/std/memory.hh; use <memory> instead.

  • Deprecate header dune/common/std/utility.hh; use <utility> instead.

  • Deprecate header dune/common/std/variant.hh; use <variant> instead.

  • Remove incomplete CPack support that was never used to make an official build or tarball.

  • Both macros DUNE_DEPRECATED and DUNE_DEPRECATED_MSG(text) are deprecated and will be removed after Dune 2.8. Use C++14 attribute [[deprecated]] but be aware that it is no drop-in replacement, as it must be sometimes placed at different position in the code.

  • The macros DUNE_UNUSED is deprecated and will be removed after Dune 2.8. Use C++17’s attribute [[maybe_unused]] instead, but be aware that it is no drop-in replacement, as it must be sometimes placed at different position in the code. The use of DUNE_UNUSED_PARAMETER is discouraged.

  • Dune::void_t has been deprecated and will be removed. Please use std::void_t

  • Dune::lcd and Dune::gcd are deprecated and will be removed. Please use std::lcd and std::gcd.

  • VariableSizeCommunicator::fixedsize has been renamed to FixedSize in line with the communicator changes of dune-grid. The old method will be removed in 2.9.

Module dune-geometry

  • Python bindings have been moved from the dune-python module which is now obsolete. To activate Python bindings the CMake flag DUNE_ENABLE_PYTHONBINDINGS needs to be turned on (default is off). Furthermore, flags for either shared library or position independent code needs to be used.

  • The class AxisAlignedCubeGeometry has always had a constructor taking two arguments FieldVector<ctype,coorddim> lower and FieldVector<ctype,coorddim> upper. This constructor was always to be used in the case dim==coorddim only, but this was never enforced. Starting with version 2.8, compilation fails with an error message if this constructor is used with dim!=coorddim.

  • Two new sets of quadrature rules are provided: the left and right Gauss-Radau quadrature rules. These are optimal rules that include only one endpoint of the integration interval (either left or right) and integrate polynomials of order 2n - 2 exactly.

  • GeometryType has four new methods: isPrismatic(), isPrismatic(int step) and isConical(),isConical(int step). The versions with an argument return true if the corresponding construction was used in step 0 <= step <=dim-1. The other two assume a default argument of dim-1 (the latest construction step).

  • GeometryTypes has two new methods: prismaticExtension(GeometryType gt) and conicalExtension(GeometryType gt). They return an extended GeometryType based on gt via the corresponding construction. For example:

    GeometryType gt = GeometryTypes::line;
    auto square = GeometryTypes::prismaticExtension(gt);
    auto triangle = GeometryTypes::conicalExtension(gt);

Deprecations and removals

  • Remove code needed to use reference elements by reference.

  • Remove GeometryType’s deprecated member functions GeometryType::make...().

  • Remove deprecated constructor GeometryType(unsigned dim).

  • Remove deprecated CompositeQuadratureRule(QuadratureRule, int). Use CompositeQuadratureRule(QuadratureRule, Dune::refinement{Intervals|Levels}(int)) instead.

  • Removed all structs from Impl dealing with the recursive topology construction: TopologyFactory, TopologySingletonFactory, Point, Prism, Pyramid, IsSimplex, IsCube, SimplexTopology, CubeTopology, PyramidTopology, PrismTopology, IfTopology. Deprecated the free function Impl::isTopology. Use the geometries provided by GeometryType and GeometryTypes instead. To simplify the transition you can include the header “dune/geometry/deprecated_topology.hh”.

Module dune-grid

  • Specialization of StructuredGridFactory for AlbertaGrid is added to address the special numbering requirements of that grid.

  • Return type of GridFactory::createGrid() changed to std::unique_ptr. While still the replacement type ToUniquePtr from dune-common works, it is marked deprecated and the std implementation should be used directly now.

  • UGGrid removes support for _2 and _3 macros.

  • SingleCodimSingleGeomTypeMapper and MultipleCodimMultipleGeomTypeMapper now have an update(gridView) method to update the stored GridView and recalculate the indices after mesh adaptation.

  • The update() member function of mappers is deprecated. Use the new member function update(gridView) with a grid view argument when updating the mapper after the grid or grid view changes. The interface change reflects that grid view has value semantics.

  • The “convenience” classes LeafSingleCodimSingleGeomTypeMapper, LevelSingleCodimSingleGeomTypeMapper, LeafMultipleCodimMultipleGeomTypeMapper, LevelMultipleCodimMultipleGeomTypeMapper have been deprecated since they don’t comply with the new mapper interface. Just use SingleCodimSingleGeomTypeMapper and MultipleCodimMultipleGeomTypeMapper.

  • IdSet now exports grid dimension and Codim<cd>::Entity.

  • UGGrid index sets can now compute the indices of vertices of edges.

  • UGGrid: Fixed a bug in the numbering of prism edges.

  • Various bugs have been fixed in the UGGrid subdomain communication implementation.

  • YaspGrid now supports class template argument deduction (https://en.cppreference.com/w/cpp/language/class_template_argument_deduction) if you have a C++17-CTAD-compatible compiler (gcc >= 8, clang 5)

  • Python bindings have been moved from the dune-python module which is now obsolete. To activate Python bindings the CMake flag DUNE_ENABLE_PYTHONBINDINGS needs to be turned on (default is off). Furthermore, flags for either shared library or position independent code needs to be used.

  • Properly implement the canCommunicate capability for UGGrid and IdentityGrid.

  • The return type of the IndexSet::size methods isn’t IndexType anymore. In general the return type should be an unsigned integral type. The actual type is implementation specific. All implementations in dune-grid now return std::size_t, following our approach to make all size information be unsigned.

  • The grid capability hasEntityIterator now defaults to whatever the capability hasEntity specifies. Most grid manager implementers now only need to implement/specialize hasEntity.

  • Add a new range generator subEntities that allows to iterate over the sub-entities of a specified codimension for a given element (codim-0 entity)

    for (const auto& vertex : subEntities(element, Codim<dim>))
      std::cout << vertex.geometry().corner(0) << "\n";

    The returned range is sized, i.e. subEntities(element, Codim<dim>).size() returns the number of vertices in the element and is equivalent to referenceElement(element).size(dim).

Deprecations and removals

  • Remove Intersection’s deprecated enums dimension and codimension. Instead use grid’s dimension and 1.

  • Remove deprecated Grid::getRealImplementation. Use the impl() member function of the facade classes directly instead.

  • Remove GeometryGrid’s deprecated constructors accepting raw pointers.

  • Remove deprecated AlbertaGrid::getRealIntersection. Use the impl() member function of the intersection class directly instead.

  • Remove deprecated AlbertaGrid::readGridXdr and AlbertaGrid::writeGridXdr. Instead use AlbertaGrid::readGrid and AlbertaGrid::writeGrid.

  • Remove deprecated header dune/common/universalmapper.hh.

  • Support for PSurface is deprecated and will be removed after Dune 2.8.

  • Support for AmiraMesh is deprecated and will be removed after Dune 2.8.

Module dune-istl

  • Extended the MatrixMarket IO functions for reading and writing vectors with SIMD field_type as tall-skinny matrices.

  • Added public access of the cholmod_common object in class Cholmod.

  • Python bindings have been moved from the dune-python module which is now obsolete. Note that for dune-istl bindings are still very much work in progress. To activate Python bindings the CMake flag DUNE_ENABLE_PYTHONBINDINGS needs to be turned on (default is off). Furthermore, flags for either shared library or position independent code needs to be used.

  • Added new utility functions templates maxBlockLevel, minBlockLevel, blockLevel in dnue/istl/blocklevel.hh to automatically determine the block level of possibly nested ISTL vectors & matrices at compile time. The block level cannot be always uniquely determined for MultiTypeBlockMatrix/MultiTypeBlockVector since the nesting level of different block types might differ. Hence, maxBlockLevel, minBlockLevel always works but if they yield different results blockLevel will not compile. This condition can be checked with the function template hasUniqueBlockLevel.

  • The internal setup code of the various SuiteSparse solvers (like UMFPack) has been cleaned up. The effects should be invisible to all regular users. However, if you have happened to use the ColCompMatrix and ColCompMatrixInitializer classes in the past you need to port your code to use Impl::BCCSMatrix and Impl::BCCSMatrixInitializer instead. Their interfaces have changed a little bit; please look at the class documentation for details. The old header colcompmatrix.hh is still there, but backward compatibility is only partial.

  • More implementation code of the ILU preconditioners (in ilu.hh) has moved into the ILU namespace. With the move, some methods have changed their names from std-style to CamelCase. The old methods are still there, but they are deprecated now. The class MatrixBlockError has moved from the file ilu.hh to the file istlexception.hh, because it is of wider interest.

  • Added the routines flatVectorForEach and flatMatrixForEach that traverse a (blocked) vector or matrix container. At each entry a functor is called taking the entry and the (flat) index offset.

  • Cholmod solver can now be used with each blocked matrix/vector type compatible with flatVectorForEach and flatMatrixForEach.

Deprecations and removals

  • Drop deprecated bindings of direct solver Pardiso.

  • Remove deprecated preconditioner implementations SeqILU0 and SeqILUn. Use SeqILU instead, which implements incomplete LU decomposition of any order.

  • Remove deprecated methods ‘BlockVector::resize’ and ‘BlockVector::reserve’ with two arguments.

  • Drop support SuperLU 4.

  • Rename the exception ImplicitModeOverflowExhausted to ImplicitModeCompressionBufferExhausted, to better reflect its meaning. The old exception is still there, but it triggers a deprecation warning.

  • Remove deprecated SequentialInformation::getSolverCategory(), use category() instead.

Known issues

  • SuiteSparse’s threading tends to conflict with the threading from OpenBLAS. The author of SuiteSparse reports cases of an 100 fold slowdown for cholmod. See also dune-istl #91.

Module dune-localfunctions:

  • Passing functions that support f.evaluate(x,y) to interpolate() is deprecated. Instead the functions should now provide operator(). Passing functions providing the old interface is still supported in 2.8.

    • LocalFiniteElementFunctionBase is deprecated. You can rely on duck-typing when passing functions with the new interface.
    • The virtual interface for interpolating functions in LocalFiniteElementVirtualInterface now uses std::function instead of the deprecated VirtualFunction for the passed function.
    • The virtual interface wrapper LocalFiniteElementVirtualImp now requires that the wrapped LocalFiniteElement implementation supports the new operator() based interpolation interface.
  • Add an implementation of the Nédélec element of the first kind, as introduced in “Nédélec, Mixed finite elements in R^3, 1980, DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1007/BF01396415". Only the first-order case for triangles, tetrahedra, squares and cubes is implemented.

  • Fix a bug in a shape function of the second-order Lagrange element on the three-dimensional pyramid.

  • Add an implementation of the Raviart-Thomas element for tetrehedra with order 0.

  • Remove deprecated GenericLocalFiniteElement::topologyId(), use type().id() instead.

  • Imported the Python bindings from the 2.7 branch of dune-python.

  • Replaced the combination of function arguments topologyId and dim with a single GeometryType argument. Tagged the old versions of: numLagrangePoints, equidistantLagrangePoints, RTL2InterpolationBuilder::topologyId(), VirtualMonomialBasis(topologyId), VirtualMonomialBasis::topologyId() as deprecated.

  • Add a construction algorithm for high order Nédélec elements on triangles and tetrahedra.

Module dune-functions

  • PreBasis implementations are now required to provide a method PreBasis::indices(node,iterator) that replaces binding a NodeIndexSet to node and then calling NodeIndexSet::indices(iterator). As a consequence PreBasis::IndexSet and PreBasis::makeIndexSet are no longer needed.

  • The RaviartThomasBasis and BrezziDouglasMariniBasis now return Piola-transformed shape functions. This is implemented by changing the return value of tree().finiteElement(): It is not an object of type RaviartThomasLocalFiniteElement or BrezziDouglasMariniLocalFiniteElement anymore. Rather, it is an object of a new type GlobalValuedLocalFiniteElement, which wraps other LocalFiniteElement implementations and applies a range-space transformation. Domain-space transformations still have to be done by the calling code. The GlobalValuedLocalFiniteElement still implements the LocalFiniteElement interface of dune-localfunctions.

  • The RaviartThomasBasis class now supports tetrahedral grids for order=0, quadrilateral grids for order=2, and hexahedral grids for order=1.

  • The RannacherTurekBasis class now supports Crouzeix-Raviart elements. Grids containing simplices, cubes or both in 2d and 3d are supported now.

  • The dune-functions module now contains an implementation of a Nedelec basis (for problems posed in H(curl)). While the interface caters to different basis orders, grid dimensions and element types, only the first-order basis called “of the first kind” is implemented, and only for grids containing simplices, cubes or both in 2d and 3d.

  • The dune-functions module now contains an implementation of a Hierarchical Lagrange basis for second order on simplex grids

  • There is now an experimental implementation of a periodic basis in form of a class PeriodicBasis. It is a meta basis, i.e., a basis that is parametrized with another basis (the host basis). In a PeriodicBasis, global degrees of freedom of the host basis can be grouped into equivalence classes, which are then treated as single global degrees of freedom. This allows, in particular, to implement periodic boundary conditions for discretizations without intersection integrals.

    The PeriodicBasis class can only be constructed by using the periodic method from the namespace Dune::Functions::BasisFactory::Experimental. It can change at any moment without much advance notice. Use it at your own risk, and give us feedback!

  • Imported the Python bindings from the 2.7 branch of dune-python and fixed remaining issues. Added a CI test that builds various global bases in 2d and 3d and verifies the correct number of dofs.

  • interpolate is now capable of interpolating vector-valued finite element functions correctly. The method of using scalar basis functions combined with vector-valued coefficients to mock a power basis is still supported.

Module dune-typetree

  • Add support for tree transformations for DynamicPowerNode.

  • A power node with runtime degree, DynamicPowerNode, is added.

  • Allow tree traversal for nodes with runtime degree that are not necessarily power nodes.

  • The forEachNode() traversal function with multiple callbacks is deprecated. Use the more general applyToTree() instead.

  • Removed the type aliases for the storage type Storage and ConstStorage in the node implementations.

  • The memberfunction childStorage() in the nodes now consistently take an index or an index_constant as argument.

Module dune-uggrid

  • Added support for All_All communication on facets.

  • Removes support for _2 and _3 macros.

  • Remove support for XDR.

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