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DUNE, the Distributed and Unified Numerics Environment is a modular toolbox for solving partial differential equations (PDEs) with grid-based methods. It supports the easy implementation of methods like Finite Elements (FE), Finite Volumes (FV), and also Finite Differences (FD).

DUNE is free software licensed under the GPL (version 2) with a so called “runtime exception” (see license). This licence is similar to the one under which the libstdc++ libraries are distributed. Thus it is possible to use DUNE even in proprietary software.

The underlying idea of DUNE is to create slim interfaces allowing an efficient use of legacy and/or new libraries. Modern C++ programming techniques enable very different implementations of the same concept (i.e. grids, solvers, …) using a common interface at a very low overhead. Thus DUNE ensures efficiency in scientific computations and supports high-performance computing applications.

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DUNE Mailing list addresses changed

The Dune mailing lists have moved. Previously they were using addresses in the @dune-project.org domain; this has been changed to @lists.dune-project.org. Please update your address books, and, if applicable, your mail filters. The web interface for administrative tasks and list archives continues to be available at http://lists.dune-project.org.

In addition, lists that were no longer needed have been removed.

The mailing lists are now hosted by the group of Christian Engwer at the WWU M√ľnster. We thank the group of Peter Bastian for hosting the mailing lists for more than 15 years!

Proceedings of the third DUNE User Meeting published

We are happy to announce that the proceedings of the third Dune user meeting, held in 2015, have been published in archives of numerical software. You can find all ten papers in the current issue of the magazine.

Please note that we are currently working on a print edition and will let you know once it is available.

We would like to thank all authors and referees for their valuable work.

Invitation to the Dune User Meeting 2017

As a second gift for christmas, we cordially invite all of our users to the 2017 Dune User Meeting to be held at Heidelberg University on March 13-14, 2017. The meeting is intended as an opportunity for the Dune users to present their work, meet the developers, get into fruitful discussion and foster future collaborations.

For more detailed information and registration, check the event website.

Also, the Dune developer meeting will be held at the same venue on March 15th.

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