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DUNE, the Distributed and Unified Numerics Environment is a modular toolbox for solving partial differential equations (PDEs) with grid-based methods. It supports the easy implementation of methods like Finite Elements (FE), Finite Volumes (FV), and also Finite Differences (FD).

DUNE is free software licensed under the GPL (version 2) with a so called “runtime exception” (see license). This licence is similar to the one under which the libstdc++ libraries are distributed. Thus it is possible to use DUNE even in proprietary software.

The underlying idea of DUNE is to create slim interfaces allowing an efficient use of legacy and/or new libraries. Modern C++ programming techniques enable very different implementations of the same concept (i.e. grids, solvers, …) using a common interface at a very low overhead. Thus DUNE ensures efficiency in scientific computations and supports high-performance computing applications.

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dune-python f.k.a. dune-corepy

It was decided at the 2016 dune developer meeting that dune-corepy should be renamed into dune-python. This has now been done. A transition guide is available.

dune-grid-glue 2.5.0 released

A new version of dune-grid-glue, a module to provide various forms of couplings between different grids, has been released. The new dune-grid-glue 2.5.0 release is compatible with DUNE 2.5 and includes various bugfixes; there are no major new features in this release.

The module can be downloaded from the dune-grid-glue page.

Proceedings of the 2015 Dune user meeting have appeared

The proceedings of the 2015 Dune user meeting have appeared. They contain ten papers with highly interesting new results related to Dune.

The proceedings are available online as a special issue of the Archive of Numerical Software. You can also order printed copies through the University of Heidelberg library book store.

Thanks go to the authors, the reviewers, Guido Kanschat, and the Heidelberg university library team.

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