Dune Core Modules (2.4.2)

A fast (sequential) algebraic multigrid based on agglomeration that saves memory bandwidth. More...

#include <dune/istl/paamg/fastamg.hh>

Public Types

enum  { category = SolverCategory::sequential }
typedef M Operator
 The matrix operator type.
typedef PI ParallelInformation
 The type of the parallel information. Either OwnerOverlapCommunication or another type describing the parallel data distribution and providing communication methods.
typedef MatrixHierarchy< M, ParallelInformation, A > OperatorHierarchy
 The operator hierarchy type.
typedef OperatorHierarchy::ParallelInformationHierarchy ParallelInformationHierarchy
 The parallal data distribution hierarchy type.
typedef X Domain
 The domain type.
typedef X Range
 The range type.
typedef InverseOperator< X, X > CoarseSolver
 the type of the coarse solver.
typedef X domain_type
 The domain type of the preconditioner.
typedef X range_type
 The range type of the preconditioner.
typedef X::field_type field_type
 The field type of the preconditioner.

Public Member Functions

 FastAMG (const OperatorHierarchy &matrices, CoarseSolver &coarseSolver, const Parameters &parms, bool symmetric=true)
 Construct a new amg with a specific coarse solver. More...
template<class C >
 FastAMG (const Operator &fineOperator, const C &criterion, const Parameters &parms=Parameters(), bool symmetric=true, const ParallelInformation &pinfo=ParallelInformation())
 Construct an AMG with an inexact coarse solver based on the smoother. More...
 FastAMG (const FastAMG &amg)
 Copy constructor.
void pre (Domain &x, Range &b)
 Prepare the preconditioner. More...
void apply (Domain &v, const Range &d)
 Apply one step of the preconditioner to the system A(v)=d. More...
void post (Domain &x)
 Clean up. More...
template<class A1 >
void getCoarsestAggregateNumbers (std::vector< std::size_t, A1 > &cont)
 Get the aggregate number of each unknown on the coarsest level. More...
void recalculateHierarchy ()
 Recalculate the matrix hierarchy. More...
bool usesDirectCoarseLevelSolver () const
 Check whether the coarse solver used is a direct solver. More...

Detailed Description

template<class M, class X, class PI = SequentialInformation, class A = std::allocator<X>>
class Dune::Amg::FastAMG< M, X, PI, A >

A fast (sequential) algebraic multigrid based on agglomeration that saves memory bandwidth.

It combines one Gauss-Seidel smoothing sweep with the defect calculation to reduce memory transfers.

Template Parameters
MThe matrix type
XThe vector type
PICurrently ignored.
AAn allocator for X

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