Binary Packages

Linux distributions offer various Dune modules as binary packages for convenient download and installation. This page lists the packaging status of the core modules. For others, consult the respective module pages, or your distribution directly.

Technically, the following table shows the packaging status of dune-common in different distributions. You can expect the other core modules dune-geometry, dune-grid, dune-localfunctions, and dune-istl to be packaged in the same versions.

Debian, Ubuntu and derivatives

Here is some more specific information on the Debian packages. The packages are called libdune-foo-dev, where foo is a module name like for example common, grid, geometry, istl, or localfunctions. A complete list of packages is available. When developing with Dune, we recommend also installing the detached debug symbols from the libdune-foo-dbg (or in the future libdune-foo-dev-dbgsym) packages.

Offline documentation is available in the libdune-foo-doc packages and installed to /usr/share/doc/libdune-foo-doc/doxygen/index.html.

If you want to help with the Debian packaging, you can download the packaging information for dune-common by

git clone (Browse Repository)

The Debian package history and the Debian issue tracker can be found in the Debian Package Tracker.

The links for all other available modules are similar.

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