Dune Core Modules (2.4.2)


 Parallel Solvers
 Operator concept
 Scalar products
 Scalar products for the use in iterative solvers.


file  solver.hh
 Define general, extensible interface for inverse operators.
file  solvers.hh
 Implementations of the inverse operator interface.


struct  Dune::InverseOperatorResult
 Statistics about the application of an inverse operator. More...
class  Dune::InverseOperator< X, Y >
 Abstract base class for all solvers. More...
struct  Dune::SolverCategory
 Categories for the solvers. More...
class  Dune::LoopSolver< X >
 Preconditioned loop solver. More...
class  Dune::GradientSolver< X >
 gradient method More...
class  Dune::CGSolver< X >
 conjugate gradient method More...
class  Dune::BiCGSTABSolver< X >
 Bi-conjugate Gradient Stabilized (BiCG-STAB) More...
class  Dune::MINRESSolver< X >
 Minimal Residual Method (MINRES) More...
class  Dune::RestartedGMResSolver< X, Y, F >
 implements the Generalized Minimal Residual (GMRes) method More...
class  Dune::GeneralizedPCGSolver< X >
 Generalized preconditioned conjugate gradient solver. More...

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