Dune Core Modules (2.6.0)

Dune::TopologyFactory< Traits > Struct Template Reference

Provide a factory over the generic topologies. More...

#include <dune/geometry/topologyfactory.hh>

Static Public Member Functions

static Object * create (const Dune::GeometryType &gt, const Key &key)
 dynamically create objects
template<class Topology >
static Object * create (const Key &key)
 statically create objects
static void release (Object *object)
 release the object returned by the create methods

Detailed Description

template<class Traits>
struct Dune::TopologyFactory< Traits >

Provide a factory over the generic topologies.

This class can be used to dynamically create objects statically bound by their generic topologies. The method create() returns a pointer to an object depending on the topology id and a key; the dimension corresponding to the topology id is static and is provided by the Traits class. A static method (taking the Topology as template argument) is also provided. The Traits class must provide the space dimension, the types for the key (Key), the objects returned (Object), and the underlying factory (Factory). This class must have a template method createObject taking a key and returning a pointer to the newly create Object - for destruction call the release method.

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