Dune Core Modules (2.6.0)

Dune::Std::is_callable< F(Args...), R > Struct Template Reference

Traits class to check if function is callable. More...

#include <dune/common/std/type_traits.hh>

Detailed Description

template<class F, class... Args, class R>
struct Dune::Std::is_callable< F(Args...), R >

Traits class to check if function is callable.

Template Parameters
DFunction descriptor
RReturn value

If D = F(Args...) this checks if F can be called with an argument list of type Args..., and if the return value can be converted to R. If R is void, any return type is accepted. The result is encoded by deriving from std::integral_constant<bool, result>.

If D is not of the form D = F(Args...) this class is not defined.

This implements std::is_callable as proposed in N4446 for C++17.

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