Dune Core Modules (2.4.2)

An index present on the local process. More...

#include <dune/common/parallel/localindex.hh>

Public Member Functions

 LocalIndex ()
 Constructor. known to other processes.
 LocalIndex (std::size_t index)
 Constructor. More...
const std::size_t & local () const
 get the local index. More...
 operator std::size_t () const
 Convert to the local index represented by an int.
LocalIndexoperator= (std::size_t index)
 Assign a new local index. More...
LocalIndexState state () const
 Get the state. More...
void setState (LocalIndexState state)
 Set the state. More...

Detailed Description

An index present on the local process.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ LocalIndex()

Dune::LocalIndex::LocalIndex ( std::size_t  index)


indexThe value of the index.

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