Dune Core Modules (2.4.2)

A linear operator. More...

#include <dune/istl/operators.hh>

Public Types

typedef X domain_type
 The type of the domain of the operator.
typedef Y range_type
 The type of the range of the operator.
typedef X::field_type field_type
 The field type of the operator.

Public Member Functions

virtual void apply (const X &x, Y &y) const =0
 apply operator to x: \( y = A(x) \) The input vector is consistent and the output must also be consistent on the interior+border partition.
virtual void applyscaleadd (field_type alpha, const X &x, Y &y) const =0
 apply operator to x, scale and add: \( y = y + \alpha A(x) \)
virtual ~LinearOperator ()
 every abstract base class has a virtual destructor

Detailed Description

template<class X, class Y>
class Dune::LinearOperator< X, Y >

A linear operator.

Abstract base class defining a linear operator \( A : X\to Y\), i.e. \( A(\alpha x) = \alpha A(x) \) and \( A(x+y) = A(x)+A(y)\) hold. The simplest solvers just need the application \( A(x)\) of the operator.

  • enables on the fly computation through operator concept. If explicit representation of the operator is required use AssembledLinearOperator
  • Some inverters may need an explicit formation of the operator as a matrix, e.g. BiCGStab, ILU, AMG, etc. In that case use the derived class

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