Dune Core Modules (2.3.1)

Here is a list of all modules:
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 Debug output
 Standard Debug Streams
 Dense Matrix and Vector Template LibraryType traits to retrieve the field and the real type of classes
 Exception handling
 Iterator facadesIterator facades for writing stl conformant iterators
 GenericIteratorGeneric Iterator class for writing stl conformant iterators for any container class with operator[]
 Parallel CommunicationAbstractions for paralle computing
 Filesystem Paths
 Sparse Matrix and Vector classesMatrix and Vector classes that support a block recursive structure capable of representing the natural structure from Finite Element discretisations
 Block Recursive Iterative Kernels
 IO for matrices and vectors.Provides methods for reading and writing matrices and vectors in various formats
 Iterative Solvers
 Parallel Solvers
 Operator concept
 Parallel Algebraic MultigridA Parallel Algebraic Multigrid based on Agglomeration
 Fast (sequential) Algebraic MultigridAn Algebraic Multigrid based on Agglomeration that saves memory bandwidth
 Scalar productsScalar products for the use in iterative solvers
 Refinement implementation for hypercubes
 Refinement implementation for triangulating hypercubes
 Refinement implementation for simplices
 Virtual Refinement
 DuneGridFormatParserClasses for reading a macrogrid file in the dune macrogrid format (dgf)
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