Dune 2.1.0

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DUNE 2.1 - Release Notes


  • The name of dunecontrol’s “resume” file, i.e., the file containing the modules that have not yet been successfully built, can now be specified in the options file (RESUME_FILE=filename).
  • When resuming a previous dunecontrol run, it is now possible to skip the first module (the one that caused the error) by passing --skipfirst on the command line.
  • The configure option --enable-dunedevel to activate the Dune-Developer-mode got removed. Additional checks are now enabled whenever compiling without NDEBUG.


  • The ConfigParser code has been split into two parts. The new class ParameterTree handles hierarchies of string parameters. The ParameterTreeParser class only handles the actual parsing. It behaves similarly to the old ConfigParser, but with a few additions:
    • It interprets the string values yes and true (case insensitive) as the bool value true. Before, any non-number was interpreted as false.
    • It can now read array-valued arguments.The old ConfigParser class is deprecated

Deprecated or removed features

  • The file utility.hh has been renamed to tupleutility.hh. The old file is still there for backward compatibility, but it issues a compile-time warning.
  • The method nSetBits of the class BitSetVector has been removed. It was already deprecated in Dune 2.0. Please use the method count instead.
  • The file smartpointer.hh, already deprecated in Dune 2.0, has been removed.
  • The file helpertemplates.hh, already deprecated in Dune 2.0, has been removed.
  • The file fixedarray.hh, already deprecated in Dune 2.0, has been removed.
  • The class IsTrue, already deprecated in Dune 2.0, has been removed.
  • The class ConfigParser is deprecated (see above).


  • The GridViews now have a method contains that tells you whether a given entity of the grid is part of the grid view. This information was previously only available from the index sets.
  • There is a new helper class StructuredGridFactory, which allows to initialize unstructured grids with structured cube and simplex grids.
  • The gmsh reader can now also handle quadrilaterals, hexahedra, prisms, and pyramids.
  • The gmsh reader can now read one-dimensional grids.
  • The subIndex method in IndexSets is now also available for Entity<cc> with higher codimensions using int cc as template parameter. This implies that grid implementations must also provide subIndex as a template method instead of the previously possible non-template.
  • The nonstandard allocator used in the implementation of the generic geometries has been removed. All memory used internally is now allocated on the stack. This should fix a few issues that people have had with multi-threaded programs. It also means that a generic geometry is no longer a reference counting pointer. This might affect performance in a subtle way.

Deprecated or removed features

  • The method Intersection::boundaryId() has been deprecated. Assignment of data to coarse grid boundary segments should now be done using the boundary index.
  • All code that still implemented the old (== pre-2.0) numbering of subentities has been removed. This includes the ReferenceElement class and related classes and the methods subIndex<>, Geometry::operator[] and a few others.
  • The methods intersectionSelfLocal(), intersectionNeighborLocal(), and intersectionGlobal() have been removed from the Intersection. Use geometryInInside(), geometryInOutside() and geometry() instead.
  • The capabilities hasHangingNodes and IsUnstructured have been removed.
  • Casting an iterator reference into an EntityPointer reference has been deprecated. An EntityPointer can still be copy constructed from an iterator, though.
  • The method Grid::name(), already deprecated in Dune 2.0, has been removed.
  • Copy constructor and assignment operator on the interface class Intersection are now protected, as they were never part of the official interface. To copy an Intersection, the IntersectionIterator should be copied instead.
  • Those read methods of the GmshReader that took a grid argument have been marked as deprecated. Reading grid files into existing grid objects was a UGGrid-specific quirk, which has become obsolete.
  • The EntityPointer::compactify method has been deprecated. The idea was stillborn and has been superseded by the EntitySeed concept.


Deprecated or removed features

  • The ISTLAllocator class has been deprecated. Default allocator for all ISTL classes is now std::allocator. This does not change the memory allocation behavior. However, allocators are now expected to conform to the stl interface.
  • The BTDMatrix class can now solve tridiagonal systems with non-scalar matrix blocks.




Known Bugs

  • Our drop-in replacement of std::shared_ptr differs slightly from the official implementation. With Dune::shared_ptr only the destructor of the base class A will be called in the following example:
struct A{...};
struct B:public A{...};
void voo()
  shared_ptr<A> p = shared_ptr<A>(new B);

In contrast the shared_ptr in (std|std::tr1|boost) will call the destructor of B even if it is not virtual. We intend to resolve this issue only implicitly by eventually discarding our own reimplementation of shared_ptr:

  • The pseudo inverse used in the generic geometries might fail for nearly singular matrices. This is not really a problem unless the grid is nearly degenerate.

A list of all bugs can be found online in our bug-tracker http://www.dune-project.org/flyspray/.

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