Dune 1.0.0

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DUNE 1.0 - Release notes

Changes to Previous Releases

Since this is the very first release there are no changes that we can list. But here is a short list of features that the DUNE 1.0 release provides.

  • Six different Grid Implementations:

    • SGrid: A structured grid in n space dimensions
    • YaspGrid: A structured parallel grid in n space dimensions
    • UGGrid: The grid manager of the UG toolbox
    • AlbertaGrid: The grid manager of the Alberta toolbox
    • OneDGrid: A sequential locally adaptive grid in one space dimension
    • ALUSimplexGrid, ALUCubeGrid: A hexahedral, tetrahedral, and triangular grid with nonconforming refinement including parallelization with dynamic load-balancing.
  • Linear Algebra

    DUNE contains ISTL (the Iterative Solver Template Library) for powerful linear algebra. The main features are:

    • Abstractions for block matrices (e.g. compressed row storage and block diagonal) and block vectors
    • Block structure arbitrarily nestable
    • High performance through generic programming
    • Expression templates for BLAS1 routines
    • Several standard solvers
  • Quadrature Formulas

    • Quadrature rules for all common element types
    • Rules for hypercubes up to order 19, for simplices up to order 12
  • Input/Output

    • Visualization using GRAPE
    • Output in Data Explorer format
    • Reading and writing in the AmiraMesh format
    • Reading grid files in the grid independent Dune grid format DGF
    • Reading simplex grids through DGF constructed using the tools Tetgen/Triangle (http://tetgen.berlios.de, http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~quake/triangle.html)
    • Subsampling of high-order functions
    • Write grids and data in the format of the visualization toolkit (vtk)

Tested Platforms

The DUNE core developers have tested DUNE on the following platforms.

  • Debian Linux Sarge and Etch, using mpich/lam and gcc (3.4, 4.0, 4.1)
  • Gentoo Linux, using openmpi/mpich and gcc (3.4, 4.0, 4.1)
  • HP XC Version 3.0/SFS 2.1 using gcc (3.4 ,4.0)
  • SuSE Linux 10.x using gcc

We have also gotten reports of successful installations on various flavours of Mac OSX.

For known bugs, please take a look at the bug tracking system and the documentation!

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