SPGrid is an efficient structured, parallel implementation of the DUNE grid interface.

Suggests: dune-python
Maintainer: Martin Nolte
Git repository:


The DUNE module dune-spgrid provides a structured, parallel grid. Though the dune-grid module already contains two structured grids, SGrid and YaspGrid, both lack several important features (see below for details).


The following table compares the features of SPGrid to those of SGrid and YaspGrid:

SGrid1 YaspGrid SPGrid
Can communicate on codimensions none all all
Coordinate type is template parameter no yes yes
Supports anisotropic refinement no no yes
Supports periodic boundary conditions no no2 yes
Supports non-blocking communication no no yes

SPGrid supports different (global) refinement techniques, selected by a template parameter. Some refinement techniques allow an optional parameter, the refinement policy, to be passed to globalRefine. Currently, isotropic, anisotropic and bisection refinement are supported. If no policy is given, both, isotropic and anisotropic refinement, split each cube into 2^dim child cubes. For anisotropic refinement, a policy may be used to say which directions to split. Bisection refinement always split a cube into 2 child cubes; the split direction can be given by the policy. If no policy is given, the split directions are cycled through. By default, isotropic refinement is used.

Preprocessor Magic

SPGrid can be used through the preprocessor magic. The following table shows how to select different variants of SPGrid:

GRIDTYPE Refinement
SPGRID Default (Isotropic)

  1. SGrid is deprecated in DUNE 2.4 and will be removed in DUNE 3.0. [return]
  2. YaspGrid supports a different concept of periodicity. [return]
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