Dune Core Modules (unstable)

A real mpi helper. More...

#include <dune/common/parallel/mpihelper.hh>

Public Types

typedef MPI_Comm MPICommunicator
 The type of the mpi communicator.

Public Member Functions

int rank () const
 return rank of process
int size () const
 return number of processes
 ~MPIHelper ()
 calls MPI_Finalize

Static Public Member Functions

static MPICommunicator getCommunicator ()
 get the default communicator More...
static MPICommunicator getLocalCommunicator ()
 get a local communicator More...
static Communication< MPICommunicatorgetCollectiveCommunication ()
static DUNE_EXPORT MPIHelperinstance (int &argc, char **&argv)
 Get the singleton instance of the helper. More...

Static Public Attributes

constexpr static bool isFake = false
 Are we fake (i. e. pretend to have MPI support but are compiled without.

Detailed Description

A real mpi helper.

This helper should be used for parallel programs.

recipe-integration.cc, and recipe-iterate-over-grid.cc.

Member Function Documentation

◆ getCollectiveCommunication()

static Communication<MPICommunicator> Dune::MPIHelper::getCollectiveCommunication ( )
getCollectionCommunication is deprecated and will be removed after Dune 2.9.

Use getCommunication instead.

References getCommunicator().

◆ getCommunicator()

static MPICommunicator Dune::MPIHelper::getCommunicator ( )

get the default communicator

Return a communicator to exchange data with all processes


Referenced by getCollectiveCommunication().

◆ getLocalCommunicator()

static MPICommunicator Dune::MPIHelper::getLocalCommunicator ( )

get a local communicator

Returns a communicator to exchange data with the local process only


Referenced by Dune::GridFactoryInterface< GridType >::comm().

◆ instance()

static DUNE_EXPORT MPIHelper& Dune::MPIHelper::instance ( int &  argc,
char **&  argv 

Get the singleton instance of the helper.

This method has to be called with the same arguments that the main method of the program was called:

int main(int argc, char** argv){
MPIHelper::instance(argc, argv);
// program code comes here
argcThe number of arguments provided to main.
argvThe arguments provided to main.

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