Dune Core Modules (2.9.0)

Dune::Functions::GridViewEntitySet< GV, cd > Class Template Reference

An entity set for all entities of given codim in a grid view. More...

#include <dune/functions/gridfunctions/gridviewentityset.hh>

Public Types

typedef GridView::template Codim< codim >::Entity Element
 Type of Elements contained in this EntitySet.
typedef Element::Geometry::LocalCoordinate LocalCoordinate
 Type of local coordinates with respect to the Element.
typedef GridView::template Codim< codim >::Iterator const_iterator
 A forward iterator.
typedef const_iterator iterator
 Same as const_iterator.

Public Member Functions

 GridViewEntitySet (const GridView &gv)
 Construct GridViewEntitySet for a GridView.
bool contains (const Element &e) const
 Return true if e is contained in the EntitySet.
size_t size () const
 Return number of Elements visited by an iterator.
const_iterator begin () const
 Create a begin iterator.
const_iterator end () const
 Create an end iterator.
const GridView & gridView () const
 Return the associated GridView.

Detailed Description

template<class GV, int cd>
class Dune::Functions::GridViewEntitySet< GV, cd >

An entity set for all entities of given codim in a grid view.

This implements the Concept::EntitySet concept.

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