Dune Core Modules (2.6.0)

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file  globalindexset.hh [code]
 Provides a globally unique index for all entities of a distributed Dune grid.
file  gridinfo-gmsh-main.hh [code]
 Generic main() function for printing information about a mesh read from a .msh-file.
file  gridtype.hh [code]
 This file can be included directly following config.h to test if a grid type was correctly selected.
file  hierarchicsearch.hh [code]
 Utility class for hierarchically searching for an Entity containing a given point.
file  multiindex.hh [code]
 Implements a multiindex with arbitrary dimension and fixed index ranges This is used by various factory classes.
file  parmetisgridpartitioner.hh [code]
 Compute a repartitioning of a Dune grid using ParMetis.
file  structuredgridfactory.hh [code]
 A class to construct structured cube and simplex grids using the grid factory.
file  tensorgridfactory.hh [code]
 This file provides a factory class for tensorproduct grids. This is a collection of methods to generate monotonous sequences as needed for a tensorproduct grid. Apart from easy ones for locally equidistant grids, there are also more involved methods like splitting a range according to a geometric series.
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