Dune Core Modules (2.6.0)

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file  adaptcallback.hh [code]
 interfaces and wrappers needed for the callback adaptation provided by AlbertaGrid and dune-ALUGrid
file  backuprestore.hh [code]
file  boundaryprojection.hh [code]
file  boundarysegment.hh [code]
 Base class for grid boundary segments of arbitrary geometry.
file  capabilities.hh [code]
 A set of traits classes to store static information about grid implementation.
file  datahandleif.hh [code]
 Describes the parallel communication interface class for MessageBuffers and DataHandles.
file  defaultgridview.hh [code]
file  entity.hh [code]
file  entityiterator.hh [code]
file  entityseed.hh [code]
 Interface class EntitySeed.
file  exceptions.hh [code]
file  geometry.hh [code]
 Wrapper and interface classes for element geometries.
file  grid.hh [code]
 Different resources needed by all grid implementations.
file  gridenums.hh [code]
file  gridfactory.hh [code]
 Provide a generic factory class for unstructured grids.
file  gridinfo.hh [code]
 Some functions to list information about a grid.
file  gridview.hh [code]
file  indexidset.hh [code]
 Provides base classes for index and id sets.
file  intersection.hh [code]
file  intersectioniterator.hh [code]
file  mapper.hh [code]
 Provides classes with basic mappers which are used to attach data to a grid.
file  mcmgmapper.hh [code]
 Mapper for multiple codim and multiple geometry types.
file  partitionset.hh [code]
file  rangegenerators.hh [code]
file  scsgmapper.hh [code]
 Mapper classes are used to attach data to a grid.
file  sizecache.hh [code]
 Provides size cache classes to implement the grids size method efficiently.
file  universalmapper.hh [code]
 Mapper for any set of entities.
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