Dune Core Modules (2.4.2)

Dune::QuadraturePoint< ct, dim > Class Template Reference

Single evaluation point in a quadrature rule. More...

#include <dune/geometry/quadraturerules.hh>

Public Types

 Dimension of the integration domain.
typedef ct Field
 Number type used for coordinates and quadrature weights.
typedef Dune::FieldVector< ct, dim > Vector
 Type used for the position of a quadrature point.

Public Member Functions

 QuadraturePoint (const Vector &x, ct w)
 set up quadrature of given order in d dimensions
const Vectorposition () const
 return local coordinates of integration point i
const ct & weight () const
 return weight associated with integration point i

Detailed Description

template<typename ct, int dim>
class Dune::QuadraturePoint< ct, dim >

Single evaluation point in a quadrature rule.

Template Parameters
ctNumber type used for both coordinates and the weights
dimDimension of the integration domain

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