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User Meeting 2012 canceled

The DUNE User Meeting 2012 is canceled. The facts that we have three days of PDESoft before and that it overlaps with the developers meeting did not create enough interest.

Read the cancellation announcement

Former invitation

After the International Workshop “PDE Software Frameworks - 10th Anniversary of DUNE,”
http://pdesoft2012.uni-muenster.de, June 18–20, 2012, Münster, Germany,
there will be the opportunity to have the 2nd DUNE User Meeting.
That means the evening of 20.6. and the full day 21.6.2012.
Please add your name below if you would like to participate.
Please also feel free to contribute your ideas.

Formerly prospective Participants

Name Institution
Bernd Flemisch University of Stuttgart
Felix Albrecht University of Münster
Lars Lubkoll Zuse Institute Berlin
Christoph Grüninger University of Stuttgart
Atgeirr Rasmussen SINTEF, Oslo
Andrea Sacconi Imperial College London
Matthias Wohlmuth TU München

Former Ideas

Please add your your idea to the following list, each as a separate wiki page:

  • [[idea_short_demonstrations|Short demonstrations]]
  • [[idea_dune_hack_sprint|Dune hack sprint]]
  • [[idea_webinar|Webinar]]
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