DUNE-ALUGrid 2.3 released

A new version of the ALUGrid manager has been released. We have added many new features and improved the performance of the code. One important change is that it is no longer required to download and build a separate library to use ALUGrid. Instead we have combined both the implementation and the bindings into a new dune module. To use DUNE-ALUGrid simply download the new module from the user wiki. Then add dune-alugrid either under "Suggests" or "Depends" in your dune.module file. Now simply run dunecontrol and everything should work as before. There are only a few things to keep in mind:

Note that we will not be supporting older versions of ALUGrid anymore and the binding in dune-grid will be deprecated. New features and improvements include

A detailed description of all the new features and some more details concerning the inner workings of DUNE-ALUGrid can be found in the paper The DUNE-ALUGrid Module. This is the paper we would now ask everyone to cite when using the DUNE-ALUGrid module.