dune-python 2.6.0 released

The first release of the new dune-python has finally arrived!

This module provides the general infrastructure for exporting realizations of statically polymorphic interfaces to Python based on just-in-time compilation as well as bindings for the central interfaces of the Dune core modules. This makes it possible to use Python to perform pre and post processing steps and to test new algorithms before transferring the code to C++. Adding Python bindings for additional modules and importing free standing C++ template functions is straightforward.

In this first release, we focus on the grid interface. Some grid implementations residing in external Dune modules, like ALUGrid, SPGrid, and the new PolygonGrid, also provide Python bindings in the presence of dune-python.

You can get the code by cloning the git repository and checking out the v2.6.0 tag or by downloading the source archive.