Installing PSurface

Installing psurface for DUNE

Psurface is a C++ library that handles piecewise linear bijections between triangulated surfaces. These surfaces can be of arbitrary shape and need not even to be manifolds.

To install the psurface library:

  1. The psurface library can be downloaded as source code.
  2. autoreconf -isf

Creates files needed for installation. 3. ./configure

Configures the makefiles and install options. You can specify an installation path with --prefix=path_to_the_psurface_install. If you intent to use psurface together with libamiramesh, make sure you pass the install path to configure --with-amiramesh=path_to_amiramesh accordingly.

  1. make

Compiles the library. 5. make install

Installs the headers and the library to your system.

After you have successfully built the library add --with-psurface=path_to_the_psurface_install as an option to configure of DUNE.

For the dune-2.1-compatible branch of of dune-grid-glue you need the 1.2.0 release of psurface. If you want to work with the dune-2.0-compatible branch of dune-grid-glue you need the 1.1.6 release.

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