Installing ALBERTA

Installing ALBERTA for DUNE

ALBERTA is an Adaptive multiLevel finite element toolbox using Bisectioning refinement and Error control by Residual Techniques for scientific Applications.

More recent releases and nightly builds can be found here.

DUNE offers an abstraction to the ALBERTA grid manager through the AlbertaGrid class.

Prebuild packages

  • Debian: The package is called libalberta-dev and is part of Jessie, Sid and Wheezy-backports.
  • openSuse: The Science repository provides a Alberta 3.0.1 package.

Compilation and Installation

ALBERTA has a standard AutoTools build system.

  1. Unpack the tarball and enter the main directory

  2. Build the ALBERTA make system

     ./configure --prefix=my_favourite_alberta_installation_path --disable-fem-toolbox
    • –prefix determines the absolute path of the directory we install to.
    • –disable-fem-toolbox disables the FEM toolbox which is not used in DUNE.

    Using the variables CC and CXX, you can tell configure what C and C++ compiler to use. These have to be the same compilers and linkers you will use to compile DUNE.

    More information and additional options can be found in the configure script’s help, displayed by

     ./configure --help
  3. Compile and install ALBERTA with

    make install
  4. Add

    CMAKE_FLAGS+=" -DCMAKE_PREFIX_PATH=my_favourite_alberta_installation_path "

    as a CMake option for dune-grid.

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