External Libraries

Installing External Libraries

There are various external libraries that you can use together with DUNE. These include grid managers, file format libraries, fast linear algebra packages and more. On this page we list some of them and explain how they are obtained and installed.

Grid Managers

Name desription
ALBERTA A grid manager for 2d and 3d simplicial grid with bisection refinement. Needed to use the AlbertaGrid class.
UG A sequential and parallel grid manager for 2d and 3d cube and simplex grids with nonconforming refinement. Needed to use the UGGrid class.

File I/O

Name desription
Gmsh An open-source finite element mesh generator with basic CAD capabilities. Meshes can be imported by Dune.


Name desription
psurface A library for handling boundary parametrizations.


Name desription
SuperLU General purpose library for the direct solution of large, sparse, nonsymmetric systems.
SuiteSparse Collection of sparse matrix algorithms and solvers.
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