Using Dune and its Python bindings from PyPi, Docker/Vagrant, or from source

There are a number of ways to use DUNE and it’s Python bindings. The easiest way is to install the required Dune packages from the Python package index PyPi into a virtual environment using pip. This requires at least a working Python and C++ installation on the host system. An alternative is to use a docker or Vagrant image. Finally for more advanced users the installation from source is recommended.

The pip installation is a straightforward as typing

pip install dune-fem

If your system does not have the required compilers installed, a script is available that can be used for the docker installation: simply typing


gets the docker container up and running which still allows editing and post-processing of your data on your host as usual. Obviously this method of installation requires having Docker installed.

See the installation instructions which covere all the above methods.

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